XOOMATIC is putting forth the item which helps industry to examine the staffing and enrollment situated administrations that our organization would enormously profit by using it. These administrations can empower you to use a conclusion to-end enrollment program from landing position prerequisites from customer to satisfying the positions with appropriate progressively nitty gritty process.
We convey perceivability to our clients for best execution applicants through incorporate enlistment prepare as occupation entryway's which prompts supersede client desires.
You can avoid the present Product in the market that XOOMATIC is the vigorous and accommodating supplier that comprehends your necessities better as well as suits the staffing and enlistment industry. Prior the little and medium scale organizations used to endure continue bothers to satisfying the necessities and in the long run they lose associations in the market. XOOMATIC underpins both administration and staff driven apparatus and having tweaked highlights and very reasonable cost, Can't beat it ! This administration is profoundly magnificent, which can work by a solitary snap! Clear and firm date understanding and exceptionally refined outlined pictorial portrayal for clear examination of day by day, week after week to month after month group exercises to screen and investigation.


XOOMATIC by ITConnectUS Inc. render best quality administrations in various fields guaranteeing customer fulfillment at each level. It unquestionably helps in following each of the customer positions/necessities. It likewise gives an outline of pipe-lined applicants and their status to proceed onward additionally organizes. Where spotters get their every day dashboard with Submissions and Interviews Scheduled which help them to remain concentrated on their competitors.

Easy to Use

• As soon as a job is posted on the VMS platform. This saves your time that you otherwise invest in contacting people for asking the status.
• You can create/manage login's separately.
• Integrated with all major Job Boards.
• Saving time and resources enables you to post more jobs.
• Can post or remove of Jobs from boards.
• Out of the box career portal Integration.


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World-class extensions for VMS staffing and recruiting Modules
VMS Job boards staffing and recruiting software integrates with partners that help you excel at putting people to work.
No staffing and recruiting business lives in a vacuum. To find and place the right candidate means leveraging every possible resource that helps drive the value of your service to your customers.

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